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Leading the way in Business Training Courses & Performance Improvement in Kent, London and the South East

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Humanix offers three core business training services:


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Currently we are delivering a lot of business training courses in Kent, London and the South East as employers recognise that if staff skills are left to go stagnant, there will be more problems ahead. This means, making the much needed improvements to overcome current and future challenges will be much more difficult. We provide over 30 business training courses in Kent, some of which can be funded by Government grants.




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Business Training Courses

Providing tools, advice and training

that will help your business to grow,  improve and become more profitable.

Business Coaching Services

Developing tomorrows leaders and managers to create a sustainable future.

Business Start-Up Services

Helping people to start up their own successful business.

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Professional Business Training Courses in Kent, London and the South East

We deliver business training courses that are entertaining, provocative, fun and different to the norm. We avoid the tired stereotypes and make sure our content is up to date, modern and thought provoking. Our customers tell us they love our delivery style and we have plenty of testimonials to share from delegates who have gone on to use their new knowledge and skills to either gain promotion, deal with difficult situations, improve the performance of their team and boost their own personal confidence and effectiveness.

We deliver business training courses from Board level through to newly appointed managers, team leaders, supervisors and staff.

Having effective management is a foundation stone to any successful business, and having a passionate and well trained workforce will set you apart from the competition.

Take a look at our courses and our team and think about how we can help you to improve your business performance.


We recently delivered a series of 5 Day training courses for people who had been unemployed for between 1 to 3 years.

Find out more about it here.

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National Business Survey Results - The Skills Most Businesses Need

A recent national business survey conducted by BIS has highlighted that employers are in most need of the following skills:

  1. Selling & Pitching Skills

  2. Marketing Skills

  3. Communication Skills

  4. Creativity & Innovation

  5. Confidence and Assertiveness

  6. Time Management

  7. Basic People Management Skills

Our Business Training Courses cover all of these topics and more.

Our Business Training Courses have helped over 250 people to improve their performance

in the last 3 months

Our Business Training Courses are gaining popularity, with new clients coming on board this month, such as the NHS who have been enjoying our Project Management in a Day course, as well as Dealing with Conflict with Assertiveness and Absence Management.

We have also delivered a Mentoring programme for the National Epilepsy Trust and Young Epilepsy.

Humanix STAR performer lands his own TV series on SKY ONE - Sat 25th June 5pm Sky One

Our very own Dr Voice can be seen in action, changing people’s lives and doing what he does best in his new Sky TV series starting on 25th June at 5pm on Sky One and Sky One HD. Find out more about this incredible man by clicking here.