The health and well being of your employees is vitally important. When people are eating well, exercising regularly and taking care of their mental state, they are more likely to be productive and less likely to take time off work due to illness or stress.

We provide the following services to look after the health and well being of your staff:

Employee Well Being Survey
Our online survey will give you statistical measures of how well you are looking after your employees - in a way that allows you to target and re-measure for improvements regularly during your business year.
It will also allow you to pin-point areas for concern within the business so that you can take corrective action.
Well Being Surveys can be conducted as regularly as you choose, and over time you can eradicate sources of concern and build a happier, well balanced and motivated workforce.

Stress & Burnout
Our workshops help your people to understand the difference between healthy amounts of pressure and the unhealthy consequences of stress. The Psychology of our different behaviours are analysed to find the root causes and then practical actions are agreed that will improve capability and performance. 

We provide Mindfulness workshops and sessions for staff in groups or one-to-one to help with the pressures and stresses of the workplace. Sessions are run by Tutors who are qualified in Yoga and Meditation - and cover techniques for reducing stress, as well as time management, prioritising, inner confidence and self esteem. Current statistics show that £billions of pounds are lost each year due to stress, sickness and absence, which means employers who look after their staff are not only doing the right thing from an ethical point of view, but they are also avoiding costs within their bottom line for the loss of productivity due to staff absence.

To find out more about any of the above, get in touch with us using the contact form below.